Without immediate access to Bingo Modernization,
Etobicoke’s Ultimate Bingo will be forced to close its doors

Support our charities: Save our Bingo Hall

Without immediate access to the electronic bingo and gaming products that most other Bingo Halls have, Etobicoke’s Ultimate Bingo will be forced to close its doors. We simply can’t compete unless the playing field is level. We need to be protected from iGaming. It’s like an out-of-control freight train that’s hurtling down the tracks. It’s coming right at us!


Send your MPP (who also happens to be the Premier) a strong message!

Tell him how much Ultimate Bingo means to you and ask him to urge Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy to ensure our hall is protected from the iGaming onslaught. As a start, we need electronic bingo and gaming products in our hall now!

If you use this form, your email will be sent to Premier Doug Ford and Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy.

    Not sure what to say?

    Message your MPP using Facebook or Twitter so they can’t continue to hide. Here’s a sample message – feel free to copy, paste, and revise as necessary (and scroll down to find your MPP’s Twitter handle):

    Twitter Example #1

    I know that Ultimate Bingo has been closed for a while, but internet gaming will kill it for good! Ultimate Bingo helps raise more than $580k every year.

    @FordNation our community NEEDS these charities! It’s time to put charities over conglomerates.


    Twitter Example #2

    @fordnation and @PBethlenfalvy ramming through iGaming will make sure that Ultimate Bingo stays closed FOREVER. Ultimate Bingo helps local charities raise more than $580k every year. Come on @fordnation, put #charitiesB4conglomerates

    Email Example

    As my MPP, I strongly urge you to help our local charities before the government allows “iGaming” this fall. If you don’t, then our very own Ultimate Bingo – a charity bingo hall that was closed because of a predatory landlord – will almost certainly never open again, and the $580,000 it raises for local charities will disappear.

    Charities before conglomerates!


    Tell Premier Ford how much Etobicoke’s Ultimate Bingo means to you!

    Tell him that our hall was closed because of a predatory landlord. The only way we can reopen for him to ensure that our hall is given immediate access to electronic bingo and gaming products.

    Hon. Doug Ford

    Etobicoke North



    823 Albion Rd Etobicoke, ON M9V 1A3